It is here that you will find information about the Chikaming Township public parks and beaches as well as helpful information from the Park Board.

The Chikaming Park Board is thrilled to welcome new member, Shelly Taylor, to the team. 

In the winter of 2014 we put major efforts into devising a long range plan for the future of our parks and beaches.  After much effort and expert insight we are pleased to share with the community our Final Master Plan.

We invite you to share in this vision. 

Current minutes / Agenda

Welcome to our newest board member

Planning for the future...

Hello and welcome to the chikaming park board website


The Park Board is currently seeking applicants to fill a vacancy. 

Please reach out via our "contact us" page if interested.

Chikaming Township Park Board

Supervisor Wayne Warner presenting Shelly Taylor with her name plate after township board approval.